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Application term for applications for the children's pardon definitively expired

​The application term for the Final Regulation of the Definitive Regulation for long-term resident children (DRLVK), also called the children's pardon, has definitively expired.

​The number of (new) applications that were filed in the past weeks will be announced by the IND within two weeks, after a survey of all applications has been made. After this survey, careful assessment/re-assessment will follow. We need sufficient time for this. The IND will at least try to process all assessments/re-assessments before the end of the year. Where possible, applicants will naturally be informed as soon as possible about a decision. 

Coalition agreements
The criteria against which the IND will assess/re-assess applications were published on 11 February this year.   These ensue from the agreements made about this between governing parties on 29 January this year. The DRLVK was also terminated on this date. The Minister for Migration has informed the House of Representatives in a letter and has commissioned the IND to implement the new agreements as soon as possible.

The full text and the criteria of the Final Regulation have been published in the Government Gazette.



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