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Receive your digital IND mail through Berichtenbox!

​From 10th July the IND is also sending its mail digitally, through the Berichtenbox (Message Box) of MijnOverheid (MyGovernment). You, our client, will receive an e-mail as soon as there's a message for you in this digital letter box.

This is the latest step in the process of e-services in our effort to make things easier for our clients.  The Berichtenbox has many advantages: 

  • the digital letter box is always available and this enables you to read your mail wherever and whenever you want;
  • you've got all your governmental mail conveniently in one place;
  • it's possible to save your mail digitally and to print it only when you think it's necessary;
  • your messages are protected by your DigiD.

It's easy to register for the Berichtenbox. Here you'll read how to manage it in four simple steps and how to log on using your DigiD afterwards. If you don't have a DigiD yet, this page will also tell how to apply for one.

Are you already using the Berichtenbox? Then you only need to tick IND as sender after logging on.

Currently, Berichtenbox and MijnOverheid are available in Dutch only.



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