Digital/online mail from the IND in your Message Box MijnOverheid

The IND is connected to the Message Box of MijnOverheid. This is your personal, secure mailbox for digital mail from government organizations. In this Message Box you can receive your mail from the IND.


  • Quick - you will receive an email immediately when receiving correspondence from us (for example a decision)
  • Conveniently arranged - your mail is always available and you can print it whenever you need it
  • Safe - Messages in the Message Box are protected through DigiD


Inloggen MijnOverheid (Dutch only)



Use your DigiD to log in to the Message Box of MijnOverheid. If you do not have DigiD yet, apply for it Log in Mijn Overheid (Dutch only). With your DigiD you can register for the Message Box by using the button above.

Do you already have an account at MijnOverheid but have you not yet received messages from the IND? Log in to MijnOverheid and go to 'Settings'. Then tick the IND under 'National organizations'.

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