​Twitter account IND

The Twitter account of the IND is: @IND_NL. Via @IND_NL you will get news and information from the IND. You can also ask @IND_NL general questions.

The IND does not give information on the status of your application via @IND_NL. You also cannot use @IND_NL to submit an application. The IND answers your questions from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Public information

Twitter is a public information platform. Therefore, it is not suitable for the exchange of personal information. Do not include personal or financial information in your tweets, such as your personal data or case number.

The IND uses the Twitter services according to the Twitter regulations: the privacy policy, the general conditions and the rules of conduct.

You cannot derive any rights from the content of Twitter posts from the IND.