Good governance code

The IND follows the Code of Good Governance (in Dutch: Code Goed Bestuur or CGB). It has been drawn up by the Charter Group for Public Accountability (in Dutch: Handvestgroep Publiek Verantwoorden or HPV). Find out more about it on the HPV website.

In practice

Using this code means communicating openly and transparently, to applicants, partners in the migration system and politically. Even to society as a whole. We open up the conversation – and make sure we receive critical reactions. We share important information about our work on the PUC Open Data Platform. Our publications include policies, manuals, work instructions and messages. And every year we account for our work in an annual report.

This is what the CGB is about:

  • Openness and integrity: The board are open and ethical and make it clear what they understand this to mean. The board set a good example through their behaviour, within the organisation as well as outside.
  • Participation: The board know what is going on in society and show what they do about this.
  • Proper contact with citizens: The board make sure that they themselves and the organisation behave properly in their contacts with citizens.
  • Sense of purpose and efficiency: The board announce the objectives of the organisation and take decisions and measures needed to fulfil the objectives that have been set.
  • Legitimacy: The board take the decisions and measures they are allowed to take and that comply with the applicable legislation. The decisions can be justified.
  • Learning and self-cleansing ability: The board improve their performance and that of the organisation, and structure the organisation accordingly.
  • Accountability: The board are prepared to account regularly and generously for their actions towards their surroundings.

Find out more about the CGB.