Work instructions

​The IND is a transparent organisation that readily provides an insight into the work instructions used by its staff.

Below you will find an overview of the work instructions. These instructions are explicitly not policies, but procedural instructions. They are therefore not meant to substitute the provisions set out in the Aliens Act Implementation Guidelines 2000. There may, though, be well-founded reasons to provide a customised solution in an individual case and, as such, to deviate from the instruction.​ The work instructions are only available in Dutch.

WI 2019/13

WI 2019/11
Interviews and mandates in applications for review

WI 2019/10
Guidelines for application of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

WI 2019/9
Procedure for repeat asylum applications

WI 2019/8
The interest of a child in the Dublin procedure

WI 2019/7
Application regarding request for personal details in Eurodac

WI 2019/5
Guidelines employment status

WI 2019/4
Provenance research in asylum cases

WI 2019/1
Assessing asylum applications from westernized women

WI 2018/21
Gliding scale (imprisonment versus length of stay)

WI 2018/20
Further investigation family reunificationsprocedure

WI 2018/19
Age determination

WI 2018/16
Working method procedure Article 64 of the Aliens Act 2000.

WI 2018/15

WI 2018/10

WI 2018/9
Interviewing and deciding in cases in which LGBT orientation is brought up as grounds for asylum

WI 2018/4
The rights of the European Union

WI 2018/3
Border procedure

WI 2017/9
Recognition as a sponsor

WI 2017/5
Extension validity period for short stay visa up to 90 days

 WI 2016/10
Hearing in appeal

WI 2016/9
Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad

WI 2016/5
WI 2016/5 Appendix direct debit collection
Orientation year higher educated persons for graduated UAF-students

WI 2016/4
Forensic medical research on supporting evidence.

WI 2015/8
Instruction 'special procedural guarantees'

WI 2015/6

Role contact persons human trafficking and Gender-based cases regular.

WI 2015/1

Child-friendly interviews at the embassy.

WI 2014/10

Substantive assessment (asylum).

WI 2014/5

Working (Together) with an interpreter.

WI 2013/19

Warning and administrative penalty.

WI 2013/17

Penalty Payments (Failure to Give Timely Decisions) Act.

WI 2013/14

Instruction policy 'Vulnerable minority groups'.

WI 2012/5

Work instruction Regulation Settlement of the Legacy of the Former Aliens Act (Ranov) and naturalisation to become a Dutch citizen.

WI 2010/13

Handling medical advice cases.

WI 2007/1

Information provided by UWV.

WI 2006/9

Procedure following Verdict Johnson II.

WI 2005/36

Procedure of renunciation following extension Dutch citizenship.

WI 2005/22

Procedural aspects of Article 1F UN Refugee Convention.