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Privacy statement


Which personal details does the IND use?

The IND stores the following information about you for the client panel:

- first and last name          

- year of birth          

- e-mail address          

- nationality          

-  client group

Who has access to these details? 

The IND is very careful with your personal details. Then only people who have access to the database containing your personal details are the IND's customer research specialist and the head of the department responsible. Your answers will be processed anonymously in any research reports. This means that your name and personal details will not be included in these reports.  

Would you like to review your details, or leave the client panel? 

Please send an e-mail to panel@ind.nl. If you no longer wish to be on the client panel, we will remove your details from the database. We will also delete your details if you have not participated in client research for one year. This is required under the privacy laws.