Task Force

The Task Force started in March 2020 as a programme to help the IND process a workload of old asylum applications as quickly as possible. It involved a workload of 15,350 old asylum applications submitted before 1 April 2020 (hereinafter referred to as 'the Task Force workload). In 2021, the work of the Task Force will continue in close cooperation with the IND. This page provides more information on this subject.

Last update: 13 April 2021

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Task for the year 2021

With the help of the Task Force, the IND managed to decide on 8,200 cases from the Task Force workload of a total of 15,350 cases in 2020. This year's IND task is clear:  to decide on the remaining asylum applications from the Task Force workload before the end of the summer. At the same time, it remains of great importance to decide as quickly as possible on asylum applications that have come in since 1 April 2020 and that are now coming in. 

Task-based approach

To complete the task for the year 2021, an integral and joint approach of the IND and the Task Force is essential. The new approach comprises a broader use of measures with which the Task Force has previously gained experience. Examples include using the (voluntary) written interview and outsourcing work to external employees. Other examples are conducting interviews close to the COA locations so that asylum seekers do not have to travel so far for their appointments. 

Current situation

For more information on the current situation and the progress of the Task Force workload, refer to the letter from State Secretary Ankie-Broekers Knol of 12 April 2021 (in Dutch).

Task Force workload: overview in figures

Every month, the IND publishes figures on the Task Force workload.

Order of processing asylum applications from Task Force workload

It is hard to say and depends on many factors when an asylum seeker with an asylum application from the Task Force workload will receive an invitation for an interview. Examples of these factors include the COA location where the asylum seeker is staying, the IND location where the application is being processed, and interview rooms' availability. And interview rooms´ availability which may be lower due to the coronavirus.

However, the complexity of the asylum application and the right staff member's availability may also be decisive for the planning. It may, therefore, be the case that someone who has applied for asylum later will be dealt with sooner. The IND remains engaged continuously in executing the process of processing old and new asylum applications as carefully and efficiently as possible.

Corona measures taken by IND

The IND makes a conscious effort to protect the health and safety of both asylum seekers and employees.  Accordingly, all kinds of measures against the coronavirus have been decided. These measures apply to all IND locations. More information on the measures against the coronavirus at the IND

Letter to asylum seekers with application from Task Force workload
Due to circumstances, such as the coronavirus, not all asylum applications from the Task Force workload were decided in 2020. Consequently, asylum seekers with an application from the Task Force workload received a letter at the end of 2020. Read the Letter to asylum seekers about the progress of asylum cases in English. Or in one of the following languages: