Task Force

The Task Force started in March 2020 as a programme to help the IND process a workload of old asylum applications as quickly as possible. It involved a workload of 15,350 old asylum applications submitted before 1 April 2020 (hereinafter referred to as 'the Task Force workload). In 2021, the work of the Task Force continued in close cooperation with the IND. 

Last update: 13 July 2021

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Task Force progress

For more information on the Task Force's progress, refer to the letter from State Secretary Ankie-Broekers Knol of 12 July 2021 (in Dutch).

Task Force workload: overview in figures

Every month, the IND publishes figures on the Task Force workload.

Letter to asylum seekers with application from Task Force workload
Due to circumstances, such as the coronavirus, not all asylum applications from the Task Force workload were decided in 2020. Consequently, asylum seekers with an application from the Task Force workload received a letter at the end of 2020. Read the Letter to asylum seekers about the progress of asylum cases in English. Or in one of the following languages: