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Dutch expat and foreign partner returning to the Netherlands

You are working abroad as a Dutch expat. You want to return to the Netherlands with your foreign partner. What should you do?

​When a Dutch expat returns to the Netherlands with a foreign partner the normal rules for stay with a partner apply.

This means that your partner usually has to apply for a [provisional residence permit] (mvv). To apply for the mvv your partner first should pass the civic integration examination abroad. Your partner should prepare for this exam. There could also be a waiting period at the Dutch embassy to do the examination. Therefore, you should take sufficient time to prepare for the examination. You can find more information on the civic integration examination abroad on the website www.naarnederland.nl/en/.

You are the [sponsor] of your partner. As sponsor you should show that you have sufficient independent and long-term income. You can show this in different ways. For example with a labour contract. Your contract should still be valid for a minimum of 12 months on the date the IND receives your application (please submit your application for the mvv before your labour contract starts). Do you not have a one year contract? The IND will assess if your individual situation gives reason to consider your income as long-term. Please add information on your work history to the application.

You can read the other conditions and information on the application procedure on the page Spouse or (registered) partner.