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Brexit newsletter

​Edition 23 September 2019

This is the latest Brexit newsletter for British citizens living in the Netherlands. It is issued by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Subsequent issues will be published as developments unfold. Previous newsletters are available from the archive below. It is not currently possible to receive this newsletter by e-mail. This newsletter is available in English only.

In this edition:

  1. Summary of updates on ind.nl/Brexit
  2. View IND animations explaining what you can do now to prepare to arrange definite residence in the Netherlands after Brexit
  3. An impression of the Brexit consultation held on 6 September 2019

Summary of updates on ind.nl/Brexit

We have updated the Brexit page on our website with the following information:

  • The IND has expanded its Brexit web page with a separate page about the conditions that apply for definite residence in the Netherlands after Brexit in the event of a deal or no deal.
  • The national transition period in the event of a no-deal Brexit has been extended. The national transition period will now end on 31 January 2021 instead of 30 June 2020.
  • The IND will send out temporary residence permits again in the event of a no-deal Brexit. These will be valid during the national transition period. You will need this to continue to live, work or study in the Netherlands after a no-deal Brexit. Make sure you will also receive your (new) temporary residence permit digitally on MijnOverheid. Find out more on our Brexit web page. You can also read our Q & As for more information about the temporary residence permit.

View IND animations explaining what you can do now to prepare to arrange definite residence in the Netherlands after Brexit

The IND has produced two animations to help explain what will happen after Brexit and what you can do now to prepare to arrange your definite residence in the Netherlands for after the transition period. We received positive feedback during the recent Brexit client consultation on these films, which we subsequently revised to make them even clearer. We hope you will find them helpful.

  • One film is for UK nationals and their family members living in the Netherlands on the date of Brexit who do not have a residence document. View the film now.
  • The other is for UK nationals and their family members with EU permanent residence (EU duurzaam verblijf) in the Netherlands. A slightly different, simplified process applies to you. View the film now.

Brexit consultation: 'We would really like to be reassured'

At a special client consultation held on 6 September, the IND presented films, letters and infographics to a group of British clients. The aim: to improve information provided by the IND to optimally match our clients' wishes.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty regarding the implications of Brexit, the IND is, as far as possible, helping British nationals living in the Netherlands with all matters concerning their right of residence. The IND's special Brexit web page already went online in January, followed by the Brexit helpline, and newsletters. We also held a previous client consultation in February. 'The aim of these client consultations has been to receive feedback on our information materials,' said Brexit project leader, Betty Sieperda. 'Then we can constantly adapt the information we provide to meet our clients' wishes.'


On Friday, 9 September, around 30 British nationals took part in the second Brexit client consultation. They reviewed invitation letters to apply for a new residence document after Brexit; infographics and two animation videos. Participants then split into groups. The information materials were reviewed in different sessions, with each participant completing a questionnaire about the different materials presented. Afterwards the information was discussed and there was time for questions.


'Very informative!', said one participant regarding the animation video about how you can apply for a new residence document after Brexit. 'I think that I will need to watch the video again to fully understand the message. But that doesn't matter. This is really important for us – we would rather watch the video a couple of times than miss anything.' The terminology was also unfamiliar for some. 'DigiD, BRP, MijnOverheid – a lot to take in,' remarked another participant. 'Luckily there are subtitles  that I can also read.'


What the participants had in common, was the need for reassurance. The consultation was a success in this regard. 'Great that the video clearly states that my residence right is not in danger', said one participant. 'Our greatest fear is that we will not be allowed to stay. My tip is to also include this information in communications regarding the new residence document: I would like to know the difference between the different residence documents and related implications. It would be really good if you can take away our concerns about our right of residence and reassure us.' The participants were enthusiastic about the IND's efforts. 'The IND is keeping us fully informed,' said one participant. 'The contrast with the United Kingdom, from where we have heard nothing, is huge. I am very thankful for all the time and effort that the IND is putting in to help us with Brexit.'

Useful feedback

Betty Sieperda is very pleased with the latest client consultation. 'It was a real success, thanks in part to the joint efforts of the Lean network organization, communications department and the Brexit project team', she explained. 'And above all the participants who were really positive about our materials, but also looked at them with a critical eye. And we are really happy with that, because only then can we improve. Sometimes, minor changes can be made to big effect. We will be taking all the feedback from today and have already started publishing the revised information materials. This is the next step in the IND's preparations for Brexit.'